Become ISIC Academic Partner


Co-branding with ISIC:

  • Over 1400 universities have adopted the ISIC as their official ID.
  • You reinforce your international dimension: your ISIC co-branded student card reflects and accompanies your international educational strategy.
  • Give your students the benefit of a card that enhances their mobility and student life.
  • Have the option of plastic or virtual ID’s to suit your needs.

How to co-brand with ISIC?

Most academic institutions create their own student ID cards, often incorporating various technological features to facilitate services like access control, photocopying/printing, and local payments, such as in campus cafeterias. Co-branding your local student ID with ISIC can be a straightforward process, thanks to the customisable solutions offered by ISIC Switzerland.

As an academic institution, you have the flexibility to maintain your existing student ID infrastructure and production processes while seamlessly integrating ISIC card design templates. Alternatively, ISIC can offer you a complete outsourced solution which means that we will take care of producing your co-branded student ID in the future.

Contact ISIC Switzerland partners(at) to schedule an informal meeting to discuss your particular situation and specific needs.

As an additional part of an ISIC co-branding agreement we can also offer you to include the International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC card) for your teachers and professors. 



Become ISIC Benefit Partner


Why become a benefit partner?


By providing a discount to ISIC cardholders, you can attract students who are always on the lookout for a good deal. 

In addition to bringing new customers, providing discounts to ISIC card holders can also boost your brand awareness and loyalty. Students are likely to spread the word about their positive experiences, helping to increase your brand recognition and encourage repeat business.

ISIC benefits – and therefore your products and services – are promoted through different channels to students, targeting millions of students around the world through the ISIC websites, national ISIC organisations, social media, roadshows, discounts guides and more.


No financial investment required


Partners pay nothing to ISIC to become affiliated, so there is no financial risk involved. All you need to do is offer an attractive and relevant discount or benefit to all cardholders.


Contact us at partners(at) today for more information or to become a partner!