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Hi, I’m Lolita!

I’m the Senior Partnership Manager at ISIC Switzerland. I am an open-minded and enthusiastic individual who finds great inspiration in contributing to a rapidly expanding project aimed at making student life better. The prospect of taking on a leadership role within the Swiss team of an international organisation is particularly thrilling for me, especially as ISIC is something familiar to me from my own student years.


I thrive on connecting with people and relish the opportunity to build endeavours that are ever evolving. In my almost 20 years of experience with customers & partners across multiple countries, I’ve learned that having happy partners are crucial for success. I find fulfilment in turning complex situations into simple ones and valuing the trust others place in me.


I’m excited to work with academic and benefit partners in Switzerland and grow together. I look forward to the new connections this work will bring. Contact me today for an informal chat on how we can collaborate!​

Lolita Ebril

Senior Partnership Manager

+41 76 763 27 37